Working Group of the German Seed Certification Agencies
Seed Certification
in Germany
Chair Seed Certification
Seed certification of cereal seed according
to Art. 12 (1b) of the German Seed Regulations
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Seed cerftification in Germany

In the Federal Republic of Germany the Federal States are given responsibility for exercising official authority on the basis of the German Seed Act.

At present in Germany there are 15 Seed Certification Agencies of Agricultural Seed. These Agencies are co-operating closely in the framework of the Working Group of the German Seed Certification Agencies.

This Working Group has been established with the aim to harmonise the application of the measures of the German Seed Act and its respective decrees. Representatives of other German authorities and institutions, i.e. representatives of the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture, the Federal Office of Plant Varieties, the Federal Institute of Agriculture and Food, the Working Group of Seed Fraud/Control Agencies and of experts of the seed testing stations, are participating regularly in the meetings of the Working Group.

To ensure the uniform technical application of the regulations within seed certification procedure, the Working Group has established guidelines for field inspection, for sampling, fastening and labelling, for the authorisation of inspectors for field inspection under official supervision as well as for authorisation of seed testing laboratories under official supervision.

Concerning the administrative procedures and the certification fees there are at present substantial differences between the Federal States.